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Site Updates

13th December, 2010
  Updated site for Cataclysm enchants

15th August, 2009
  Enchant changes (mostly the profession-only enchant perks) for 3.2 have been changed on the site.

12th April, 2009
  We'll be updating to the new enchants included in patch 3.1 on the day of release. Stay tuned!

10th April, 2009
  Site launched!

Using Epic Enchants

To use the site, choose the slot, type of enchant needed (stamina, spirit etc), rep needed or other filters from the left side of the page. The system will show you all the enchants that fit your criteria. You can choose multiple filters but note that those filters for which no enchants exist are shown in grey. Clicking on the enchant name shows the WowHead page for the enchant, where you can check the mats needed.

About the site

I created EpicEnchants.com because I wanted to know how to look for the best permanent enchants for the gear on all my characters. Not all item enchants come from enchanters. There are head and shoulder inscriptions that are reputation based, and leatherworking and tailoring enchants.

I also run a site that shows the most common talents, enchants, glyphs and gear - WowPopular


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