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   World of Warcraft permanent gear enchant list
    Occ Buff [remove]     Enchanter Only [remove]
  Name Stats Slot Description Source
[Hyperspeed Accelerators] 240 Haste for 12 sec Occ Buff
Increases your haste rating by 240 for 12 sec. (1 Min Cooldown) Requires Engineering (375).
[Spring Loaded Cloak Expander] Slow Fall Occ Buff
Permanently modify a cloak so it can be activated by a skilled engineer, causing them to fall slowly for 10 sec. The effect can only be activated every 5 min. Requires Engineering (425).
[Personal Electromagnetic Pulse Generator] Confuse Mechanicals Occ Buff
Permanently attaches a high-powered device to your belt, allowing you to confuse nearby mechanicals. Only a skilled engineer can activate the modified belt. Can only be attached to your own belt, and doing so causes the belt to become soulbound. Requires Engineering (375).
[Flexweave Underlay] Slow Fall Occ Buff
Permanently attaches a flexweave underlay to a cloak, allowing you to turn the cloak into a parachute and fall slowly for 30 sec. The cloak can only be used once a minute and requires an Engineering skill of at least 350. Requires Engineering (375).
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